Wheelchair is the requisite tool for people with disabilities who cannot walk to help them move easily and independently for work, going to school or training and participating in community activities as well as supporting their family living. Wheelchair provision is done based

on physical assessment. AAR,WCD keeps providing the mean of transportation to the heavily disabled persons to fully participate in social activities. At the time of distributing wheelchairs, we provided the handbooks (WC manuals) to new users in order to enable them know how to;

  • Use wheelchairs properly both on the smooth and rough surface
  • Transfer WC users from and in wheelchairs
  • Do massage to improve their disabilities
  • Maintain wheelchairs
  • Know each WC parts
  • Know location of local health centers
  • Contact WC project staff members when they met any problem with their wheelchairs such as; they got damaged or they need to new wheelchairs


About Us

AAAR, WCD is a local NGO established in 1994 with an aim to respond to the needs of the heavily disabled people that are denied full social participation as well as access to basic services. Now our organisation is run by a team Cambodians which includes the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in majority. AAR, WCD represents the PWDs living in rural Cambodia made disabled by war, landmine, diseases, congenital and traffic accident.


Our Main Activities

Assesment aims to ascertain and identify ...
Wheelchair is the requisite tool for people with ...
As principle, the follow up of wheelchair users ...
In AAR WCD workshop, We produce wheelchairs and ...

Our Production

Working in/out at home or office, level or even ground  
for server disability, need correction and more support
For field and farm working, need more stability, unfold.  
Good for schoolling, business and long traveling.
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