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Association for Aid and Relief, Wheelchair for Development (AAR, WCD) would inform to all donors, companies, enterprises, national and international NGOs, both locally and internationally institutions: The AAR, WCD organized a program called "Sponsorship"   to find Sponsors or donors to produce wheelchairs and assistive devices in order to distribute to people with disabilities who live in the rural areas/ provinces, and people with disabilities who cannot afford to get to a rehabilitation center.

Core value and benefits from this sponsorship
1) AAR, WCD will label your name/logo/whatever you want on the wheelchair.
2) The wheelchair user will assist to broadcast your name/logo/products in the society.
3) Your sponsor and contribution are really important to improve mobility, social participation and living condition of wheelchair users in Cambodia.

For more details, please contact
Phone: 023 900 047  067/077/087 715 771
  Email: director@aarwcdcambodia.org

Here are the beneficiaries who are needing wheelchairs and your donation/supporting.

Chea PunlorkKhiev SokheingKoy PhearinUn ChannaTith VyRuas Phally




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Fixed and adjustable handrails

Recently, Due to special needing from wheelchair users and the space of toilet is not enough. AAR, WCD have produce two type of handrails with acceptable price compared to the exported products. It was an idea of wheelchair user as lady and produced by AAR, WCD staff as people with diability. It is local product, strong, durable and low price.  We are welcome for purchasing order.



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Model of ramps for accessibility for people with disability.

In order to improve accessibility, AAR WCD is going to produce the ramps for private sectors, companies, natonal and internation NGOs and we also is looking for partners or donors to support. We can design and produce base on your needing.Here are the samples:



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About Us

AAAR, WCD is a local NGO established in 1994 with an aim to respond to the needs of the heavily disabled people that are denied full social participation as well as access to basic services. Now our organisation is run by a team Cambodians which includes the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in majority. AAR, WCD represents the PWDs living in rural Cambodia made disabled by war, landmine, diseases, congenital and traffic accident.


Our Main Activities

Assesment aims to ascertain and identify ...
Wheelchair is the requisite tool for people with ...
As principle, the follow up of wheelchair users ...
In AAR WCD workshop, We produce wheelchairs and ...

Our Production

Working in/out at home or office, level or even ground  
for server disability, need correction and more support
For field and farm working, need more stability, unfold.  
Good for schoolling, business and long traveling.
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